Vacuum crossbow

Price: 1785 eur

Proprietary name is Spring Vacuum - the  block throwing weaponPatent RU 2329452. patent application in Canada Application : 2, 640, 377                                  The weapon for throwing arrows uses the energy of atmosphere pressure. The bow-string of the vacuum crossbow does not have lateral displacement. The vacuum resilient element does not have a fatigue. The coefficient of the accumulated energy of the vacuum resilient element is                           1. The weapon is safe at the break of bow-string.  Installation of bowstring lubrication and replacement of sealing can be carried out in the field. Vacuum crossbow may be used in the temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. The weapon is safe at the break of bow-string. When emergency situation, to defuse arms (lift force on the bowstring tension), it is enough to unscrew the helix in the cork of the vacuum chamber. The highest efficiency the weapon provides in arrows weight 55 gramm. With these arrows the crossbow can lead aiming fire at the distance of 50 meters. The vacuum crossbow in tension 62 kg sends the arrows by mass 30 grams at the distance of 330 meters, and the the arrows by mass 52 grams - at the distance of 280 meters. At the distance of 50 meters with special arrows by mass 55 grams punch steel sheet in 2 millimetres thick. Structural elements of the weapon are made of high quality modern materials: barrel, arms, barrel lock, handle are made of aluminum alloy. The cork, plunger and rollers are made of polyamide 6. The butt is made of composite plastic. The bow-string is made of kevlar or dunem. The vacuum crossbow is powder-painted and is resistant to mechanical impact and ultraviolet radiation. The folding stock provides a comfortable pulling of the bowstring. Weapon is well balanced. The lock of the vacuum crossbow has an automatic safety device. A weapon has compact immobile shoulders breadthways 40 sm., that enables safe firing in a thick vegetation. The Vacuum crossbows construction involves the installation of: optical; kolimator, laserand mechanical sights. 


initial speed

pressing force 42 kg (62)

Length with support for the leg 104 sm 

Width 40 sm 

Working stroke of the bowstring 50 sm 

Arrows by mass not less than 30 grams 

Mass 4.7 kg 

Delivery system: vacuum crossbow, dynamic lubrication